Video Viewing Problems

Having problems viewing the lectures.

A number of solutions can help this problem. Try each of the following steps. One alone or a combination of the steps could solve your problem.

Step 1: Make sure you are using the updated version of Internet Explorer or your preferred web browser.
Step 2: Be sure Flash Player is up-to-date.
Step 3: Try checking the "lo" box on the player and reload the video.
Step 4: We recommend having an additional browser available. Try downloading Google Chrome and see how that works as well. There are links to free downloads of browsers in the Resource area accessible from the left menu.

If you’ve tried all four of these steps, please contact us.

In order for a video to play, I have to reload it multiple times.

Please try checking your internet speed. A couple of free sites you can choose from:

Also, try checking the "lo" box on the player and reload the video. See if it loads faster.

I am unable to get one video to play, but the others play just fine.

The problem usually is solved by clearing a specific section of your browser’s history. Below are the step-by-step directions for three of the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Windows Machine Instructions:

Google Chrome: Go to settings, show advanced settings, history, clear all browsing data. Then, only check Empty the Cache and select “from the beginning of time”. Reload the page.

Internet Explorer: Click the tools icon or press ALT+X. Then go to internet options. Under the general tab, click delete underneath browsing history. On this screen, only check temporary internet files and delete. Then reload the page.

Mozilla Firefox: Go to the top left hand corner and select the orange drop down menu. Select options, then privacy, then clear recent history. Only check “Cache” and select everything for the time range. Reload the page.

Can I play the videos on my Android phone?

You’re in luck! Videos are compatible on Android.

On chrome, I can listen to audio on the videos, but the picture doesn’t come up.

Using Chrome, please access Go to Settings, click History, and click Clear all browsing data. Close and reload chrome, and then try accessing the videos again.

Make sure you’re not using a network that blocks videos, like many workplaces. Also ensure you are not using any sort of personal security software that might restrict video feed. If the previous steps fail to solve the problem, try checking the “lo” box and see if that helps.

Difficulty loading the videos from the website into iTunes after following the steps on the website.

Double click the icon on iTunes (if in grid view) or the left arrow (if in list view) and you will see the rest of the available videos.

General Course Questions

Where can I check my grades?

Click on the assignments tab toward the top of the page to see your assignments.

I cannot access an archived class that I previously took.

Archived classes are not currently available. We hope to again provide that access in the future.

When I complete a unit, can I go back and watch the videos?

Yes, the videos are always available to you while in the class. Checking that you completed the unit just indicates that you have finished the assignments.

I am required to Sign-In again every time I click something new in an online course.

Please check your security settings to be sure you are allowing the browser to store cookies. We also recommend having an additional browser to use. Sometimes problems can be browser specific. Try downloading Google Chrome from the Resource area on the left menu.

I am having trouble with the course Evaluations.

Email and describe the problem. They should be able to help.

I’m having technical trouble with my online BE final exam.

Please email and describe the problem. They will be able to help.

I am unsure of how to access discussions.

Below are instructions on how to participate in the first assignment of the course, usually providing a brief autobiography.

In the Learning Activity you are to write your autobiography, save it as a pdf, and upload it by clicking the "Submit Assignment for Discussion" button.

To comment on other posted bios in the Interaction, please click on "open", download their file, then type a reply in the text box, and click "Add reply".

Where can I test my computer’s internet speed for free?

My class disappeared from the online platform.

Make sure that you read your DTS email. Sometimes classes are worked on or finalized and disappear for a few days for the ease of administration. In these times, an email will be sent out to notify all students.

If the class just ended, the course is probably already in your archived classes.

I added a new course, but it doesn’t show up in my courses online.

Contact us and we will be able to activate the course online for your viewing.

I can login on a computer, but I can’t login on my iPhone.

You can use your iPhone to access Go to Safari settings on your iPhone and allow cookies and turn off private browsing for the browser.

File Viewing Problems

I am unable to open files and lectures in a zip file on an iPad.

Here's a link to an iPad app that will manage zip files. Also a link to an apple forum where other options are discussed.

I am a graduated student having difficulty trying to download all lectures into iTunes.

Please know that you now can access every streaming video, slides, and transcripts of all online courses from the alumni site since you are a graduate. Log in and give it a try.

I am having trouble downloading a file in Google Chrome.

Right click the document and download the file to your computer while using Google Chrome. If the problem persists, open a different web browser and try to download the file there.

Having trouble viewing DTS or fellow students’ PDFs in the browser?

Download the files to your computer before viewing. Once downloaded, the files should open as PDFs to be viewed in the standard application you use on your computer. (Adobe or Preview, usually)

Uploading and Other Assignment Problems

How do I know which assignments have been turned in successfully?

Click on the assignments tab toward the top of the page to see your assignments.

If I double-post an assignment, can I delete it?

If you repost an assignment before the due date, the second post will overwrite the original. If you need to delete a post, contact us for assistance. A student cannot delete interactions.

I am having trouble uploading a document for my class.

Check to see if it is more than 10 MB. The limit is 10 MB, so try shrinking the file if you need to. If you cannot shrink the file, please contact your GTA/Facilitator for alternate submission options. Be sure to email them prior to the deadline to ensure the assignment will be accepted for full credit.

Also make sure the format is a .pdf. A .doc or a .docx will not upload. Convert the document to a .pdf and try uploading. If you need help converting the document, visit the Resource Page for step by step directions.

I’m trying to submit an assignment by typing into the submission box (instead of uploading a pdf), but the formatting messes up.

Select all of the written copy you want to submit and copy-paste it into notepad. Notepad removes all formatting from the text. Then, copy-paste the assignment from notepad into the submission box. This should fix this issue.

Personal Account Questions

How do I upload a profile picture for your online account?

Make sure the picture is a .jpg for successful uploading.

How do I update my job on my profile?

Update on your student page on CampusNet.

How do I update the email address I would like DTS to use for communication?

Click on your profile and then click "Edit Profile". Editing your email here will also update it on

I am receiving too many emails when people reply to a post or reply I made.

You can adjust your notifications via your profile. Click Edit Profile, scroll down, and adjust the settings.